How to Enter Holidays in Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is an effective mail and information administration application created by Microsoft. It is utilized by millions of people across the globe to manage their email and calendars, contacts and other tasks. Outlook lets users add holidays and special events in their calendars. It is essential to add holidays in Outlook to ensure you are aware of important dates and keep track of any events that are related to holidays. This article will provide steps to insert holidays in Outlook.

What is Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is an email calendar, contact, and management software developed by Microsoft. It is utilized by millions of users around the globe to manage their email and calendars, contacts and other tasks. Outlook makes it easy for users to manage their day-to-day tasks and also provides tools for keeping on top on important date and other events. With Outlook users, they can add holidays and other special events into their calendar.

Why Entering Holidays in Outlook is Important

Incorporating holidays and other special occasions to Outlook is crucial for many reasons. The first is that it lets users to keep the track of dates, important times and occasions related to the holiday season. For example, if user is hosting a holiday celebration or event scheduled for a particular day, they can add the date into Outlook and be reminded at the right time. Furthermore, Outlook allows users to schedule reminders for holidays coming up that can assist them to keep track of their work. In addition, entering holidays into Outlook helps users plan their schedules around holiday season and ensure that they do not miss important dates or important events.

Steps to Enter Holidays in Outlook

Inputting holidays into Outlook is easy. The first step is to open Outlook and then click on”Calendar” and then click the “Calendar” tab at the top of the screen. Next, they need to select”Options” or the “Options” button at the upper-right part within the Calendar window. Within the window for Options, select on the “Calendar Options” button. When they are in the Calendar Options window, they should click on the “Add Holidays” button. The window will then open with a list of the available holidays. Users can choose the holiday they would like to add, and then click on the “OK” button.

Adding Holidays to Outlook Calendar

Once the user has made a choice of the holiday they want to include, Outlook will add the holidays into their schedule. The holidays will be displayed on the calendar and on their daily tasks list. In addition, Outlook will send reminders to celebrate the holidays at suitable time.

Creating Appointments to Mark Holidays

Alongside entering holidays in Outlook users are also able to make appointments to commemorate special events or holidays. To create an appointment it is necessary to switch to the Calendar view and then click the “New Appointment” button at the top right part of the view. The window will then open where the user is able to enter the details of the appointment such as the appointment’s date, date and time as well as the description.

Editing or Removing Holidays

If an individual wishes to edit or delete the holiday they want to edit or remove, they can accomplish this through opening the Calendar view and choosing the holiday they want to edit or remove. After selecting the holiday, they will select”Edit” or “Delete” “Edit” or “Delete” button in the upper-right edge of the screen. It will open a window where they can make needed adjustments.


Incorporating holidays in Outlook is a straightforward and simple procedure. It lets users keep on top of crucial dates, events and other important information linked to the holidays . It also sends reminders about coming holidays. In addition, users can make appointments to mark important events or holidays. With Outlook users, they can effortlessly maintain their schedule and make sure that they do not miss important dates or important events.